Why Choose Duplex Design?

I’ve always wanted a place to call my own (also one that I legitimately possess), so with my hard-earned money I bought myself a duplex design. Ever since that day, I can say that I have been living the life and no exaggeration on that.
So, what is a duplex? It is a type of building wherein two housing units share a single ground space. It is rather a popular type of housing plan because it saves space and is a bit cheaper than other types of housing.

Different Types
• Full-duplex
This is a two-story building split in two by a vertical central wall. Usually, the design of one unit is the exact replica or the other side (otherwise you have made certain tweaks to your home plan). The bottom floor contains the living room, kitchen, dining area and sometimes, a small room and a bathroom are squeezed in. Upstairs, you’ll most likely find the bedrooms, guest rooms and of course, a bath.
Instead of having the units side by side, there are designs where one unit sits on top of the other and usually has an identical floor plan.
• Half-duplex
This design has no second floor and all the living space (living area, kitchen, dining and all that) are arranged like a bungalow.

Advantages Of Duplex Design
• Affordable
A duplex is a lot more affordable than a single detached house. It is the best choice for singles, starting families and those of average income. With a fair amount of bucks, you get yourself a decent home. Talk about a great deal!
• Business opportunity
A duplex is a potential source of income. When you buy the entire building, you can reside on one unit and have the other for rent. It will help you a lot with the mortgage and other bills. Take my word for it, I’ve been doing it for three years now and it hasn’t failed to provide me a steady source of income. (Well, my tenants haven’t failed me so far.)

Disadvantages Of Duplex Design
• Crowded space
Duplex homes are more compact than single detached dwellings, thus you might feel crowded if there’s a lot of you in the household. This is why you should choose furniture that will help you maximize the space in your home to avoid traffic or feeling too stuffy.
• Neighbors
I don’t say that they are nuisance, but it can be hard to live beside people who have no regard for you and your rights. Imagine living beside people who party all night, every day of the week. It can be quite the challenge. I’ve no longstanding problem with that since I chose my tenants. But if you’ve no control on who’s going to own the other unit, well, best of luck on your new neighbor.

The Verdict
Now that you are briefed of the advantages and disadvantages, you can now decide if it suits you and your lifestyle. Buying a duplex has helped me manage finances better and also with my social skills. (I’ve had to deal with different kinds of tenants and I can say that I learned a lot about people, too.) Investing your savings on a duplex design just might be the best decision you’re about to make.