Plasma Cutting – Background and Construction

The CNC cutting tables are used for the operation of plasma cutting machines which are commanded by CAD and CAM software. It has more benefits than the movable plasma cutting machine, that is, the machine is constantly installed with gears and it provides exact motion, It offers you to cut in to any shape you want, you can alter the table height corresponding to your need and they supplies the correct result when they are used for continual works.cuttingedge

Construction of the CNC Plasma Cutting Table

Generally, the CNC machines holds the cutting area size for about 4ft x 4ft, 4ft x 8ft and 4ft x 10ft and trim images to about 20 feet long. Additionally, it requires 3 amps current and the working speed is up to 1000 inches for single minute. The plasma cutting table uses the software for the operation of the system and the software lets you to command the complete system. It has unlimited possibilities of results when cutting a metal into a desired shape. Cutting tables can execute iterative works by the use of software. You can utilize the cutting table to trim into specific structure you want and after that, you have the option to save the process for future use. By this method, you don’t want to reconfigure the process; you can use the existing one which saves your precious time. By using the plasma cutting tables for operation, you can get enhanced ratios and accurate repeated results.

Manufacturing of steel elements is carried by consecutive operations which include high degree flame cutting, sawing and drilling. Enhancements in water jet cutting and computer motion control both are carried out in a single cutting machine. The body of structural steel fabrication renders framework over which walls and cladding systems get attached. Another type called individual steel elements, which are fabricated using mills adapting to chemical constitution and geometric features that accomplished by regulatory associations. The usual structural steel elements are plate, hollow structure shape, beams, angles, channels and columns. These elements are trimmed to respective lengths and clumped united by bolting or welding to attain images which support both stable and incentive loads.

Manufacture of structural steel components is usually achieved by “metal vs. metal” technology and this stays the most distributed method at present. Higher accuracy and automation both are brought by the CNC plasma cutting technology which performs peculiar work with greater speed and instant response. Another type of CNC cutting machine called band saw which uses a rotating band of cogged metal via structural steel and it is used to cut cross section of the component. For long period of time, a beam drill is examined as an essential way to mill slots and drill holes in the metal. The beam drill lines are furnished with position sensors and conveyors for the purpose of drilling and it provides the ability to find out the position where the slot is to be trim. A cutting torch is commonly used for cutting abnormal lengths on a proportion plate. Oxy-fuel is a typical type which is used to rotate the torch head across the structural component corresponding to the principles programmed inside the machine.

In 1980, CNC plasma cutting machine is developed to cut plates and metal sheets effectively. It provides exact cuts and clean edge than the oxy-fuel cutting machine and CNC plasma cutting machines only uses two axes movements for cutting metal sheets and plates. Another cutting type called robotic plasma cutting is used for cutting hollow structure shape and pipe. But, trimming of different shapes like channels, angles and beams are very difficult and challenging in the robotic plasma cutting method. Steel Cutting has come a long way, with many ways to get the job done. CNC machines just makes sure it’s accurate and cost effective, which today’s market is what all manufacturer’s are looking for.

Plasma Cutting – A General Overview

Plasma Cutting generally uses a plasma torch for cutting metals like aluminum, steel and other types of metals. Also, it uses neutral gas or at times, uses a compressed air which is drift out of a nozzle to the welding surface. Plasma is very warm so it instantly cuts through metal easily into desired structure. Plasma is additionally used in the making of plasma arc welding and here we are going to discuss about two types of plasma cutting;

hf HF contact – This HF contact is found in the low cost models of the machine which uses a high frequency air and high voltage spark ionize the air. The ionized air goes through the head of the torch and induces an arc once, the torch head comes into contact with the material need to be cut. The HF contact machines will not carry the CNC machine employments.

pilot Pilot Arc – In pilot arc, the plasma is produced by using two cycles. At first, they use a low current, high voltage circuit which generates a small spark with high degree of intensity. The generation of the spark starts within the body of the torch head and produces a tiny pocket of gas called pilot arc. The pilot arc holds the electrical path which is inside the torch head, till it comes into contact with material to be trim. At this point of contact, it actuates a signal to evoke the primary plasma arc for cutting purpose and it is tremendously hot at that point. Plasma will accurately trim the lean and dense material according to our wish. At present, we can get analog plasma cutters which are extremely used for heavy frequency transformer and inverters.

The CNC Plasma Cutting Table

The CNC plasma cutting tables are mechanical in nature and that comprises the use of hand held plasma cutter which is easy to sustain and provides various specifications. The features of the CNC plasma cutting tables are changeable speed to render exact motion, stiff, high speed and no human action needed. The machine capacities differ according to the model of plasma cutting table. Regarding this, the plasma cam CNC cutting table furnishes 4ft x 4ft cutting space, the metal sheet that can be used are either 4ft x 8ft or 4ft x 10ft. The machine can cut the images themselves, capable to being up to 20ft long.

The weight of the machine is up to 300 pounds and it provides the correct accuracy than the plasma torch head. The dimensions of these machines are roughly about 64 inches wide by 90 inches high by 60 inches deep. Another type, the Samson CNC plasma cutting table supplies 10ft x 5ft sheet size and cutting speeds are 1000 inches for 1 minute. The plasma cutting table provides iterative potentials which are very accurate with every single cut.

Safety Tips

In this section, we are going to look about some safety tips that are to be followed by the operators while running the machine,

1) There is an electric circuit in between the work bit and a torch in a plasma cutting machine, you are not advisable to touch the body of the torch or work bit while the plant is running, otherwise, it can cause electric shock.

2) Plasma cutter produces the high amount voltage and current around 100-200 volts so; you are not supposed to touch the voltage and current circuit.

3) You do not displace the work clinch during cutting operations and do not pluck any work bits while the system is running.

4) While using the plasma cutting machine, please do not stand in any wet floors.

Plasma Cutting – Safety Tips To Follow

People involved in plasma cutting work should follow the safety rules and procedures in order to stay away from hazardous risks and danger. Safety comes as the primary factor than any other things while cutting any solid or firm objects. Here are some safety factors that you can consider when using plasma cutting:

images Beware of shockPlasma cutters are directly associated with the electric circuit, whereby the torch and the working object is connected. When any product gets in touch with the work object, the circuit will pass over the object which is touched. Hence make sure that you don’t touch the body of the object while it is under functionality. Accidentally if you happen to touch the torch body, then there would encounter electric shock which might even cause permanent damage and even death.

danger-high-voltage-alt-3-hi Voltage current – The plasma cutting tool is quite easier to handle and use. It becomes very easy to cut electric conductive metals and steel. For cutting the heavy duty steel materials, you have to set high voltage along with compressed gas. The plasma cutter receives higher volt that is quite huge than being used to weld.

Danger_High_Voltage_Underground_Cable_JE34_ANSI Beware of the ground cables – Make sure that the ground cables are connected to the work object while the cutting is carried out. Check if the ground clamp remains perfect. In case of any damages, make sure to replace it with a new one. Always remove the cable from the work object when the work is done instead of leaving it connected as such.

Things to consider:

* It is always good to wear protective clothes such as gloves, safety shoes and helmet when being involved in the Plasma cutting operation. Besides this, it is recommended to wear flame retardant clothes and un-cuff trousers.

* Plasma cutting machine will emit harmful gas that would affect your heath and result with physical injuries. Hence it is recommended to use the cutting machine is a vast-spread area that has enough ventilation